Remote Control

At Stereo & Video Integrators, Inc. (SVI), we create and install custom A/V systems that may also include lighting control, climate control, and security alarms. One of the most exciting features of the cutting-edge technology we use is the power it gives you to control all of the many components of your system using a remote device.

Your home automation system may be complex, created out of many parts, but using it is intuitive and easy. Think about an orchestra conductor who stands in front of dozens of musicians and controls them all with the simple baton in his hand. With our home automation systems, you are like that conductor. Instead of a baton, you hold a remote control, smartphone, or tablet. Instead of dozens of musicians, you have many pieces of high-end electronic equipment ready to do your bidding. With the touch of a button or a tap on your screen, you control what your equipment will do. Like the conductor, you coax beautiful music from your system and get all of the pieces to work together harmoniously.

We are proud to be authorized distributors of Crestron and Savant high-end remote controllers. One type of controller is the universal remote, which eliminates the problem of having separate remotes for every device. Your remote can control all the components in the room and turn on each one to the correct setting with the push of one button, so that you can begin enjoying your entertainment.

Some systems use wall-mounted control pads instead of, or in addition to, hand-held remote controls. These wall-mounted pads let you control the environment of your whole house from a single location. A control pad may let you change the lighting and climate throughout your home with a few taps on a button or the slide of a switch.

Many systems can now be controlled from phones and tablets using sophisticated user-friendly apps. These apps let you control your system at any time from any place and often use stunning graphics, with clear icons and vivid colors, to make them easy to operate.

The next step beyond remote control is a system that controls itself. Home automation is the wave of the future that has already started to arrive. We offer features in our systems that sound like they came from the pages of a science-fiction book: Motorized window shades that automatically open and close according to the position of the sun. An intelligent thermostat that learns to anticipate your schedule and your climate preferences. Lights that turn on and off when you’re not home to deter potential burglars. Alarm systems that send you texts to let you know when your kids have arrived home from school or the plumber’s truck pulls into the driveway. A climate control system that saves energy by turning down the air-conditioning if a window has been left open.

We would love to tell you more about this exciting technology. We are located in Ocean, NJ, and service the entire state. We specialize in creating systems for whole house audio, distributed video, controlled lighting, and controlled HVAC — all of which can easily be controlled remotely. If you would like to learn more about how the technology of the future has already arrived, please give us a call. You, too, can be like a conductor, with audio and visual components, climate control and lights, all waiting for your signal, which you transmit with with just a small motion of your fingers. You have to try it to fully appreciate the experience. Our systems are advanced, elegant, sleek, and sophisticated. What we will show you is that they are also a lot of fun.