When you listen to music in your home, you need great speakers to get the most out of the experience. Stereo & Video Integrators, Inc. (SVI) is proud to be an authorized dealer for Sonos, which makes amazing high-fidelity wireless speakers that produce stunning immersive sound.

Sonos makes speakers in a range of sizes, so you can match the right speakers to the right room. You can also combine speakers to create a home theater system that sounds so lifelike, you have to hear it to believe it.

These speakers not only sound good, but they are also part of a whole-house audio system that lets you control the music throughout your home using a simple and intuitive app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Sometimes you want to listen to the same music as other people in your house, and sometimes you want to hear your own thing. The Sonos System makes it easy to make these kinds of choices and then to change your mind in an instant. You can start listening to a song by yourself and then decide to share it with someone in a room on the other side of the house. Or you can decide you don’t want to listen to what others are listening to, and select a different song for yourself without having to interfere with their experience. You can also create groups of rooms within your home that all hear the same music at the same time.

You can stream music from the Internet and listen to any song on the planet. Chose from 40 free or paid streaming services, including Pandora, Spotify, and SiriusXM, Or listen to more than 100,000 free pre-loaded podcasts and radio stations, both local and international. You can also use the Sonos System to play songs and playlists from your personal libraries stored on your mobile device, computer, or external hard drive.

The app couldn’t be easier to use. You will see a virtual picture of a cross-section of your home. Just tap on the rooms that you want to add to groups. Large, colorful icons make it easy to navigate to streaming services, your music library, and podcasts.

We are thrilled to offer Sonos speakers and apps to be incorporated into our custom A/V systems. The Sonos philosophy is just like our own philosophy. We both want to make advanced technology simple and fun for our customers to use.

At SVI, we work closely with our customers to create customized home audio systems that meet their needs exactly. Our office is in Ocean, New Jersey. We are pleased to serve Monmouth County, Ocean County, and every other area in Northern and Southern NJ, as well as parts of NY. Please call us to find out more about how we can bring amazing musical experiences into your daily life at home. We are excited to share our love of music and our enthusiasm for the powerful new technologies that help bring your enjoyment up to the next level.


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