Stereo & Video Integrators is a small business in Ocean, New Jersey and specializes in multi-room audio systems, matrix video distribution, wireless networks, remote control, lighting, climate, power management and protection, electronic security alarm systems, security cameras, motorized shades and pool & spa control.

Today, there are more ways then ever to outfit your home or office with technology that makes life easier, tasks and chores more efficient, entertainment more accessible, the planet greener and remote management possible. At SVI, we have trained professionals that can design, wire, install, and program your system to your liking and consult with you on all your options.  We will help you pick the best products and services that fit your needs and budget.

Stereo & Video Integrators works with builders, general contractors, architects and home owners during all phases of the project.  We have long lasting relationships with local businesses in Monmouth County, Ocean County and throughout New Jersey.

Do you ever ask yourself any of these questions?

Did someone leave the light on for me when I get home? Did I remember to turn the lights off when I left the office?  How much electricity is being wasted when I leave on the lights? How much money could I save if the air conditioning wasn’t running when I wasn’t home? What if the heater breaks in my vacation home in the middle of winter? What if there is a water leak while I’m away? How can I get better WiFi coverage on the other side of my house? How do I listen to a different songs in different rooms of my house? How do I start a movie in one room and finish it in another? How do I simplify my TV so that I don’t need multiple remote controls?

Stereo & Video Integrators can help you stop asking these questions by giving you a system that make these problems of the past. With our smart thermostats and a controlled lighting system SVI can give you the ability to remotely turn on and off lights from your cell phone and control lights using timers adjusted for sunset and sunrise. You can reduce your energy bill by setting your climate based on whether you are at home or away. With our monitoring devices we can alert you if temperatures are too high or low or if there is a water leak to give you early detection to a major problem. Stereo & Video Integrators has technicians trained in wireless networking and we can help you get strong WiFi coverage throughout your entire home or office. With our smart audio and video products, SVI can make your audio, video and home theater entertainment easier then ever!