Distributed Video

With a distributed video system, you can access all your video sources (cable boxes, apple tvs, roku units, security cameras, etc) from any TV in your home. Start watching a show in your den and finish watching in bed!

Stereo & Video Integrators (SVI) is located in Ocean, NJ and is a custom A/V integrator.  SVI can setup your home or office with a distributed video system. A distributed video system involves the installation of a matrix video splitter that can route one video source (such as a cable box) to multiple TVs on command. It may be one TV or three at a time. A matrix switcher will also allow you to watch different sources on different TVs. For example, you have a cable box, an apple TV and a Blu-ray disc player in your home.  You want to share it with the four HD Televisions you have in your den, kitchen, basement and bedroom. With a distributed video system someone could watch cable TV in the kitchen, while someone else watches a rented movie on apple TV in the den all while a third person watches a Blu-ray disc in the bedroom. The basement TV could be completely off and not used in this example. Alternatively, all four TVs can watch the same source.

Controlling a distributed video system is easy using an app, keypad, remote control or touch panel from one of our home automation manufacturers such as Crestron or Savant. For example here is a screen shot from the Savant app:

Select a Room for Distributed Video in the Savant App from Stereo & Video Integrators

Notice how easy it would be to select the room to control and choose your source! This beautiful app is part of a system that can be setup by Stereo & Video Integrators.

Another great advantage distributed video provides is the ability to hide all of the electronics, boxes and wires for your TVs. No one wants an LED TV to hang up on the wall but have a nest of wires showing. Distributed video let’s you hide all of that equipment in the rack system on the other side of the house or in the basement.

The best method to distribute video throughout your house is with an HDMI switch that has HDBaseT technology built-in. This is the industry standard and allows all the new video streaming devices and video products to display video over long distances.

Stereo and Video Integrators, Inc. is the premier choice for custom video integration, design and implementation. Our projects include a wide range of media and control. Please call us today to discuss your needs and we can create a system that works for you.