The Davinci Group

Stereo & Video Integrators, Inc. (SVI), located in Ocean, NJ, is proud to be an authorized dealer for The DaVinci Group, which makes amazing award-winning speakers. These speakers are so special that you can’t buy them online or in your local electronics store. You can only get them from hand-picked authorized dealers like ourselves who have the experience and expertise to install the quality custom integrated systems that these speakers deserve.

We are so impressed with these speakers that we are DaVinci Group shareholders.

What makes these speakers so special? The DaVinci Group founders are perfectionists who believe that sound is the most important element in a home environment. Ordinary speaker manufacturers rush through the building process, shrugging their shoulders and saying their sound is “good enough.” The people of the DaVinci group hate the idea of “good enough sound,” and they never settle. They have too much respect for how powerfully sound affects our lives and lifts our moods to settle for anything less than the best.

The DaVinci group was one of the most awarded companies at the 2014 CEDIA show, where they introduced several exciting innovations. They won a Technology Integrator EXCITE award at the show for ArtSound, a hand-assembled acoustical panel that brings pleasure not only to the ear, but also to the eye. The panels can be imprinted with images from any high-resolution photos, and when installed in a room, they are as beautiful as paintings.

Another big hit at the CEDIA show was the NFC-83A, a high-powered in-ceiling home theater loudspeaker, made with space-age technology — an angled Kevlar speaker and a pivoting Titanium dome tweeter. Also generating a lot of buzz at the show was DaVinci’s Reference Theater System, an ultra-high-end hand-built system with sound quality that blew people away.

We would be thrilled to demonstrate these speakers for you, so you can experience the sound for yourself. Hearing is believing. With the DaVinci Group’s passion for high-quality speakers, and our passion for integrating the DaVinci speakers into systems custom designed for our customers’ individual needs, you have an opportunity now to own the cutting-edge sound system you have always dreamed of. A great sound system makes a house a living, breathing home. We’d be honored to put a system together for you.

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