Multi-Room Audio

SVI can make any room in your house alive with the sound of music! Listen to separate songs in each room and adjust the volume to your desire. A customized audio system can provide several rooms with music that share common sources and allow individuals to listen to different sources independently.

A multi-room audio system comprises of shared sources (Sonos streaming music, CD player, Apple Airplay, etc.) connected to an audio switcher that can send music to any number of rooms. Each room can choose the source, control the music and the volume independently from every other room.  No more fighting over what to listen to on the stereo! Each room can be controlled with a home automation system from Crestron or Savant using any of their keypads, touch panels or mobile apps. We can install speakers in each room from any of our prized speaker manufacturers including Speakercraft, The Davinici Group, Triad and Amina. We can even install invisible speakers that get installed into your wall and completely covered! Watch this short video to see a speaker get installed and then disappear!

Stereo and Video Integrators, Inc. located in Ocean, NJ is the premier choice for custom audio/video design and implementation. Our projects include a wide range of media and control. Once a system is installed it can provide powerful and easy access to all of the electronics in your home from a single interface such as a remote control, touch panel, computer, cell phone or tablet. Please call us today to discuss your needs and we can create a system that works for you.