Future Automation

When you want to create an elegant and luxurious atmosphere in your home, attention to detail is critical.  Stereo & Video Integrators, Inc. (SVI) is proud to be an authorized dealer for Future Automation, a company that makes innovative television brackets, swivel mounts, and motorized lifts.

Brackets, mounts, and lifts can have a surprising impact on the appearance of any room that contains a television screen. If you want to remove the screen from sight when it is not being used, you should check out Future Automation’s lifts that cleverly turn television screens sideways and conceal them within walls. The company also makes lifts that use an elegant dropping and rolling motion to tuck the screens into decorative cabinets and to bring them back out.

Perhaps you prefer to leave your television screens in view. With the right mounting, they can become striking design elements in their own right. Future Automation offers a huge range of products so that you can be confident that exactly the right piece exists that will meet your design needs. Options include discreet flat-mount brackets and special brackets that attach screens to the sloping surfaces that are common in loft conversions.

Future Automation also makes products that can save you money by extending the lifespan of your A/V equipment. Its Smart Airflow Control trays and cabinets help keep air circulating around equipment that is in AV racks or in other confined spaces.

We use Future Automation’s high-end mounting products as part of our custom A/V systems that incorporate the best of cutting-edge technology, including 4K display ultra-high definition (UHD TV) or high definition (HD TV) screens.

We are located in Ocean, NJ, and we install our home entertainment and automation systems throughout the Garden State, including Monmouth County and Ocean County, as well as in parts of New York. We specialize in customizing high-technology to best meet our customers’ individual needs. We are particularly proud of our ability to make our systems simple, intuitive, and pleasurable to use. Please call us to find out more about how our custom systems can enhance the appearance and convenience of your home.


SVI can hang your TV with Future Automation